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Sorbet Recipes for Jawahein - Gourmet_Mom - 03-02-2010

I don't think I have the one you need(Issue 46?), but if you indicate which recipe below that you are looking for, I'm betting someone will be able to help you out. Here are the sorbet recipes listed in the online index:

Bahamian Guava Sorbet

Cuisine at home No. 76 (August 2009), page 15

Seductive Sorbets (I'm guessing this is the one, and I don't have this issue.)

Cuisine at home No. 46 (August 2004), pages 49-51

There's nothing wimpy about these sorbets — except maybe how easy they are to make.

Honey-Grapefruit Sorbet

Cuisine at home No. 35 (October 2002), page 21

Think of this sorbet when you need something just a little sweet after dinner.

Lemon Sorbet

Cuisine No. 4 (August 1997), pages 24-25

This sweet and tart sorbet will pick up your taste buds and make 'em dance.

Re: Sorbet Recipes for Jawahein - DFen911 - 03-02-2010

Um...who are you talking to...?

And how many jello shooters did you have?

Re: Sorbet Recipes for Jawahein - jawahein - 03-03-2010

Hey thankyou for all of that, if you could give me the honey grapefruit one that would be great, but i am looking for the ones in issue 46 but no one seems to have that issue

Re: Sorbet Recipes for Jawahein - Dismc - 03-03-2010

Jawahein, see the thread on Issue 80.