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Another Fun Dinner with "HouseBoat Don" - cjs - 03-07-2010

We cooked up a storm yesterday and had some great food.

Did two testings from the next book and both were very well received.

Black Bean & Clam Dip - At first folks were saying they didn't get any clam flavor, but after it cooled a little, you could really get a nice briny hint or flavor. This one stays in the book.

Then, Don's Dr. had suggested an appie for him to try, so we played with it, but none of us were impressed. I might play with it some more, but it needs something schmeared on it for more flavor....

We layered and rolled up - 1/2 spinach leaf (cut lengthwise and removed the vein), 1/4 slice of prosciutto, a bay leaf and rolled this around a scallop & used a pick to hold together. I broiled them on one side, turned over and cooked on the other side and topped with a slice of goat gouda to melt on top.

The whole thing just didn't work, but I still think it's a good idea to play with. We made two for each serving and we all just ate one, so used the leftovers to add to the Shrimp Linguini - and this gave the linguini a great added flavor, so all was not lost.

The shrimp linguini, we just made oven roasted garlic shrimp and tossed this with the pasta and parm. (and the scallops).

The 2nd testing recipe, is the old broccoli salad that I added black beans to and we all loved the addition of the beans.

Anyway another fun dinner with fun folks. Now, it's time to go home and start some herbs. OH, we also found a Meyer lemon tree to replace ours that we lost winter before last. Anxious to get that in its new home.

Sigh, it turns out we could have stayed the whole three weeks in Portland and enjoyed beautiful weather!! We had the best day of the trip yesterday!

Re: Another Fun Dinner with "HouseBoat Don" - - 03-07-2010

Ever so glad that you enjoyed your wonderful trip! (and the cooking yesterday)

Re: Another Fun Dinner with "HouseBoat Don" - Gourmet_Mom - 03-07-2010

It sounds like your visit was great. I hope you have a safe trip home today.

Re: Another Fun Dinner with "HouseBoat Don" - Old Bay - 03-07-2010

I have to meet this man!!! If it "don't work, no matter-we'll try again" Rustic, creative, and, when you are with him, magic with fish (and black beans)!!

Re: Another Fun Dinner with "HouseBoat Don" - labradors - 03-07-2010


"HouseBoat Don"

Sure that's not someone from The Godfather?

Re: Another Fun Dinner with "HouseBoat Don" - cjs - 03-08-2010

He's a big teddy bear.