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March Birthday Dinner - Old Bay - 03-10-2010

It's my birthday, March 24, 19--. Let's us all do Broiled Shrimp Scampi (pg 41). Greek Salad (pg41) , and double chocolate torte (pg 39) in #80, 2010. OK? How about a date? This looks real good and real easy!! Am I being too presumptuous?

edited to add: Review date will be Monday, March 22nd
(is that being too presumptuous?? )

Re: March Birthday Dinner - cjs - 03-10-2010

Whoopeee! I'm so glad someone is making me make this darn torte!!! (Your friend just said Whooopeee to this torte also!)

Sounds like a wonderful b'day menu, Bill - usually we have a couple weeks to work it in, so how about review due on Monday, March 22nd????

Then that allows Shannon to (hopefully ) choose her menu for a review date of April 5th. Only Vicci has a b'day in April (of folks who are active on the forum, anyway.) May is a busy month, so this all works out great.

Great sounding menu, Bill - and I think I'm going to do your b'day dinner real soon!

Re: March Birthday Dinner - HomeCulinarian - 03-10-2010

Sounds like a winner! I've got the Greek Scampi and salad on the menu for this week. I hope to find an occasion to make the torte before the review date.

Re: March Birthday Dinner - foodfiend - 03-10-2010

I'm in! If my issue gets here... I just signed up for 2 years.

Re: March Birthday Dinner - Gourmet_Mom - 03-10-2010

I've already got the Scampi entered into MC and planned for the next two weeks, so I'm in...for sure! And like Jean and Roy, I was hoping to have an excuse to make that torte! THANKS!

Re: March Birthday Dinner - labradors - 03-10-2010

I'll scamper away from this one: not a fan of shrimp.

Re: March Birthday Dinner - cjs - 03-11-2010

Why not the Greek Salad and the torte, Labs - your neighbors will love you if you share...

Re: March Birthday Dinner - labradors - 03-11-2010

Still no feta in the stores right now, and I've already packed up my baking things in preparation for whenever I finally move.

Re: March Birthday Dinner - cjs - 03-11-2010

Oh, you and Denise are going to be spending the next days reaching for things and realizing "its packed!!"

Re: March Birthday Dinner - esgunn - 03-11-2010

ok, I keep seeing hints about Denise moving - Denise, where are you moving too? Same area just a new house? A new adventure?