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Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - cjs - 03-11-2010

What are you all up to?

I think we'll have leftovers with some grilled asparagus (pasta with shrooms, leeks & balsamic and garlic chicken).
Or a roasted chicken with a Summer veggie salad (w/black beans & corn)....

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - Harborwitch - 03-11-2010

We're having grilled "buffalo chicken", grilled zuchinni, and maybe some stoneground grits made earliler and grilled??? It's Bob's birthday so the grilled Greek dinner is down the tubes. But it's his choice.

We're like stuck on the farm for a few days so no shopping.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - cjs - 03-11-2010

Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - chef_Tab - 03-11-2010

I am going to give the spicy garlic chicken with lemon glaze a try and the pasta with shrooms leeks and garlic as a side. I was looking for ideas and that thread just stuck out.

And Happy Birthday to Bob, Sharon! Hope your back is better.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - luvnit - 03-11-2010

I am totally unsure.

I will wait to see what ya'll are making.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - - 03-11-2010

It's nasty rainy here so we are having pot roast

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-11-2010

Hi Sonja!

Well, another long day here. I've got Curriculum Night at school and won't be able to get home for good until after 8:30! This has been a late night week!

William is to DO something...don't know what. At least tomorrow is half day for the kids, so I'll just go pick up a club sammie or salad at a local place after the kids leave. I'll have to eat it at our staff development meeting, but it beats crackers. I hope next week is a little less crazy. It's such a shame, I went to all that trouble to plan meals so carefully last weekend and buy frugally...look where it got me!

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - Mare749 - 03-11-2010

Well,it's going to be a surprise. My dad's new favorite place to visit is our local cooking school. They make two entrees every day for sale to the public. You can also eat in at lunch time three days a week and have a full course meal, soup to nuts. So, dad called earlier to say he was bringing dinner tonight. They also have a baking school with incredibly wonderful goodies. It should be good!

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - cjs - 03-11-2010

Oh, Maryann, I love eating at the culinary schools - we always have such great food. and the students are so proud.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 3/11? - HomeCulinarian - 03-11-2010

Let us know what you have, Maryann!

I'm making the Greek Shrimp Scampi tonight, but will hold off on making any comments until Bill's birthday dinner deadline.