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What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - luvnit - 03-27-2010

Hooray! It's the weekend and today is Sauerbraten Day. I think we'll have an early, early dinner around 2-3 p.m. Since I am up so dang early today!

I'll cook up some red cabbage with onion and maybe bacon, and some spaetzle from Jean's other cookbook at Amazon a Chef's Journey Home . There are already so many goodies in this one that I want to try and Two Moms' Potato Salad is at the top of the list for next week. I need to bring some for Easter. We'll be grilling burgers and brats that day.

Well I was up early thinking about dinner so I thought I would start the thread. I am so excited to try the gingersnap gravy. I was making the marinade yesterday and my son came in (he's six) and said, "Somethin smells gooood." He was so disappointed when I told it was dinner for TOMORROW. My baby boy loves his meat and gravy.

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - labradors - 03-27-2010

Hadn't really looked at the recipes that were posted for the Sauerbraten, but had to go back and look with the mention of "making the marinade yesterday." The recipe that I have used for years (which was given to my mother by an elderly, "old-country" German woman my mother used to assist) says to marinate for THREE DAYS.

Right now, I don't have that recipe within easy reach, since I hadn't made it here, yet (shall have to make it, now that I've finally found some good beef). Once I find it, I'll have to see what other differences there may be.

Otherwise, this has been a VERY reliable recipe. Once, I took it to our church's annual missions dinner, but four other people had also brought Sauerbraten, so I made something different the next year, and everybody kept asking me, "Where's your Sauerbraten?" The next year (and every year after that, until I moved to here), in the weeks before that dinner, everybody asked, "Are you bringing your Sauerbraten?" and I just HAD to make that, even if I made something else, as well (e.g. the year I made the Bulgogi).

In particular, the first people to ask were an elderly German couple who REALLY liked Sauerbraten. One year, they told me they had been to three different German restaurants the previous week and had had Sauerbraten each time, but thought that the Sauerbraten I made was better. They also said that the other ones from that church dinner had not been sour enough, probably because they hadn't been soaked long enough. Ultimately, at his wife's request, I gave them the recipe so she could make it for his birthday, and they loved it.

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - luvnit - 03-27-2010

What a nice story Rob. I'd love to see the recipe someday if you have an opportunity. This recipe was from the Cuisine at Home Slow Cooker cookbook. I am making it for its ease and also the good review Sharon and Bob had. The pieces are cut up into 2" pieces, so I assume it would take long for the marinade to get into the meat.

I'll let you know!

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - Harborwitch - 03-27-2010

I marinated mine in container included with my food processor - it sucks the air out of the container and the marinade deeper into the meat. Mine tasted like it had soaked a lot longer.

The gingersnap gravy was the best!

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - cjs - 03-27-2010

Oh Laura, hope you like the recipes.

Three days is what I've always thought the marinading should be for Sauerbraten, also, Labs. But, I have not made Sharon's, so shouldn't comment on it I guess.

Will you be posting the recipe when you get all unpacked and settled in?? hope so.


I'm fixing a steak for us tonight and Broccoli salad and....maybe those d*mn rolls.

Ooops, had to go hang up clothes and two more posts while I was gone... chunks, huh, that would make a difference and I forgot it was a C@H recipe not Sharons.

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - luvnit - 03-27-2010

You won't be disappointed with those rolls. They are so great, Roy is gonna love em'.

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - labradors - 03-27-2010

Laura, I'll post the recipe as soon as I find it again. Still finishing up (I hope) moving.

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - Gourmet_Mom - 03-27-2010

Well, I'm down to the bottom of my freezer and Italian sausage is all I see. I was getting ready to see what I could make with it, when William called. His old freezer at the farm has finally broken down. He wanted to know what I wanted out of it. To my knowledge, I only had a little corn and possibly a pack or two of peppers and tomatoes buried in there. He informed me to clean out all unnecessary stuff from the freezing unit. (Guess I'm making stock today.)

Here's what he listed: (the little hoarder)

-catfish fillets (a bunch)
-venison sausage (from a friend)
-venison cube steak (from a friend)
-a few other venison packs that he was not specific about

The first thing to jump in my mind was fish tacos, but we'll see.

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - labradors - 03-27-2010

Found the Sauerbraten recipe on the external hard drive I hadn't hooked up earlier. I have posted it in the other Sauerbraten thread, in order to keep them all together.

Re: What's for Dinner - Sat. 3/27/2010 - BarbaraS - 03-27-2010

Well, I'm doing the Jam-Up Pork Chops tonight. Bought the jalapeno and cherry jams at the store yesterday. When I got home, I opened the jalapeno jam to taste. Sweeeeeet!! It says mild on the jar, but had a really nice bite to it. This is going to turn out well!