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Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - cjs - 03-29-2010

So, what's on the menu?

We're having Meyer Lemon Broccoli and Chickpea Rigatoni (an old F&W recipe) and test Deviled Salmon and Corn Cakes.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - luvnit - 03-29-2010

Good question. Not sure yet. I am thinking about pizza maybe. I have a bunch of spinach I need to do something with.

Not feeling great today, either I have a headcold, or allergies. I'm not sure how to tell which is which. So if I can get head out of this cloud, I will be able to function better.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - cjs - 03-29-2010

good luck feeling better quickly, Laura.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - foodfiend - 03-29-2010

I hate foggy-head days. In fact, I had one yesterday (but took some additional allergy medicine and got through okay). Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jean, why can't I find recipes like that when I actually have a Meyer lemon on hand? I'll have to go to Epicurious and print it out.

It's too early to think about dinner! I'm still on my first cup of coffee... we have to go look at "senior living" apartments for Jack's mom today, and with any luck will be spending the next 2 weeks moving her stuff into the "perfect one". Argh. Wish me luck.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - cjs - 03-29-2010

Oh Vicci, I don't envy you this mission - I so hated when we moved my mom out of her home to the first facility. Thank God she understood she had to. Made it a little easier, but not much.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - - 03-29-2010

I will add my "good luck" as well, Vicci - hope you find something that she will be comfortable in.

I think we are having left over kalbi - Mister made a bunch last week and I froze the left overs - I am sort of "fooded" out today. Hope you feel better, Laura. The pollen count is so high.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - karyn - 03-29-2010

Good luck Vicci. I hope you find the perfect home for your Mom. This must be tough time for all of you.

We're having chicken satay with peanut sauce and cucumber relish. I'll probably do some brown rice pilaf as well, but I'm struggling to come up with a vegetable that would taste good. I may just settle for some cut melon.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-29-2010

I feel for you, Laura. I'm doing pretty good with allergies so far...but things are just bursting into full bloom. I really need to stock up on allergy meds.

Bless you, Vicci! I do not envy your job. I hope it all goes well for all of you. It will be an adjustment, but hopefully, your MIL will find a place she feels comfortable with. At least she is accepting the idea...sometimes that is not always the case.

As far as dinner is concerned...I have NO idea and it's about that time! I have leftover chicken and some leeks that need to be used, so Chicken and Leek Casserole is tempting. Then there's that Chicken Club Pizza....hmmmmm, just thought of that! I may have just made up my mind....LOL! Now to sell William on the idea.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - Harborwitch - 03-29-2010

Oh Vicci - that is such a hard job! I squeeked out of having to help my Mom, but we had to move Bob's Mom - good luck, hopefully you'll find a perfect place.

A little hint - always go back twice, the second time without calling. Great way to find out if the facilities are always sparkling clean and well maintained. We learned that one the hard way. Oh - get references and ask lots of questions.

Tonight is pork roast (in the crock pot now) with carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. I wish our grill was here - it's a perfect evening to grill.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 3/29?? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-29-2010

Sharon, I still can't believe you left the grill. Are you going to try to go back after it or replace it? I'd be lost without mine.

I just had another brainstorm. I'm going to freeze part of the leftover chicken for my pizza next week and make one of our family favorites for tonight....Pasta Cobb Salad! Thanks for the millionth time, Erin!!!!

This one is a no-brainer, and we haven't had it in a while...reminds me of spring, too! I only need to the store.