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Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - cjs - 04-07-2010

What's on your menu?

I'm trying a new recipe - Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta (it's a healthy one) and probably a green salad.

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - Mare749 - 04-07-2010

After watching triple "D" I'm craving Mexican food. Might be that!

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - cjs - 04-07-2010

Just an aside to the thread I posted then deleted about the sodium problem with one of my daughters - it does have to do with dinner, so I'll just add it here. She called this a.m. and said she talked to the dr. yesterday as she was not the least bit comfortable with the foods she would have to eat to up the level. She's afraid it will sabotage her progress in loosing weight, so they came up with this - she will dissolve 2 1/8 tsp. in water each day and also drink V8 juice. So, good for her. Whew!!

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - esgunn - 04-07-2010

Jean, That sure is a relief. Why couldn't they have offered such a realistic suggestion in the first place? Sometimes I wonder.

Tonight? Hmmm? Not sure yet. Will have to ask the kids what they want. Maybe Turkey burgers.

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - cjs - 04-07-2010

maybe cause it was too simplistic???

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - Lorraine - 04-07-2010

Glad to hear the news, Jean. The shrimp sounds great. If it's good, I'd love the recipe. I think tonight will be turkey tacos.

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - HomeCulinarian - 04-07-2010

Good news for Jean's daughter's diet.

We're still working on leftovers! Tonight is pulled pork.

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - mjkcooking - 04-07-2010

Jean delighted to hear the news on your daughter.

We're going to have Ham Balls and left overs and that should do it for

the last of Easter Dinner.


Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-07-2010

Great news about your daughter, Jean!

The employee is here to help with a little project. I THINK we're having fried catfish...if not, hamburgers. I'm going to clean out the last of the potato salad, slaw, and cooked asparagus to make room for my shopping trip Friday. I'll clean out the freezer tomorrow and make stock.

Re: Dinner, Wednesday, 4/7?? - Old Bay - 04-07-2010


maybe cause it was too simplistic???

Who knows? I would spread the salt over 3 glasses of V8--lot more pleasent!! I love V8!!