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Magnetic knife strips - labradors - 04-12-2010

What do you all feel about those wall-mounted, magnetic strips sold for knife storage? I've always felt a bit leery about the way the knives hit the strips because of the strength of the magnetism, but if that's really just unfounded, then maybe I could fashion something along those lines for this new apartment.

Re: Magnetic knife strips - luvnit - 04-12-2010

They look cook, but not sure they would fit into my kitchen.

Re: Magnetic knife strips - Lorraine - 04-12-2010

I have used them for several years and really like them. I have not noticed any deterioration of the blade,

Re: Magnetic knife strips - DFen911 - 04-13-2010

This is a very interesting topic as I have wondered the same thing. Not so much about the force but of the contact of metal to metal and if there is any moisture on the blade or high humidity would it pit the blade? Cause discoloration or rust?

I'll be interested to hear all the weigh-ins

Re: Magnetic knife strips - cjs - 04-13-2010

My mother always had them, but I never felt safe using them - can't say why.

Re: Magnetic knife strips - Lorraine - 04-13-2010

Jean, I've heard folks mention the safety issue. But, if anyone is going to cut themself, it's me, and I haven't yet. I make sure the knives are completely dry before hanging them. I bought one for the kitchen here, but haven't hung it yet due to lack of space and cement walls.

Re: Magnetic knife strips - - 04-13-2010

we have the strips for some of our knives but use the block for the good knives. I'm like Lorraine on the cutting as well - if it's going to happen, it will be me but none have dropped yet.

Re: Magnetic knife strips - Gourmet_Mom - 04-13-2010

I have a friend that has this and loves it. I wanted to do it here, but never got around to it. With my setup, it doesn't really make sense, actually.

Re: Magnetic knife strips - pjcooks - 04-13-2010

My Mom had them when I was a kid, and I have always had them in my kitchens. I have never had a problem. I have enough stuff on my counter without adding a knife block. We also have them at work. My long slicers, however, don't fit on them. It's just nice to always have a selection of knives at your fingertips and off the counter.


Re: Magnetic knife strips - cjs - 04-13-2010

"It's just nice to always have a selection of knives at your fingertips and off the counter.' - that's when a handy husband comes into play. My knife slots are off the island to the left end of the island - being left handed, its great!