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What's for breakfast? - luvnit - 04-17-2010

Well, for us?


How 'bout you?

Re: What's for breakfast? - cjs - 04-17-2010

More tacos? or didn't you eat them last night??? (hope it's the first - that means you liked them )

We're having quite a brunch this morning. A clerk at Safeway who Roy has become friends with (really, he does almost 95% of the grocery shopping now and knows all the clerks! YEAH!!! ) mentioned a new generation 'mimosa' - so, naturally we have to give it a try.

Andre's (really hesitant here ) Strawberry Sparkling mixed with o.j. hmmmm, we'll see.

AND, are you ready? Spam Breakfast Burritos!!!!!!

Between Laura and me, it's a Mexican breakfast morning, well, maybe a Hawaiian/Mexican breakfast.

Re: What's for breakfast? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-17-2010

"Spam Breakfast Burritos!!!!!!" William is SO going to get a kick outta this!

No breakfast here...just coffee on the deck.

Re: What's for breakfast? - cjs - 04-17-2010

"...just coffee on the deck." and in the sun probably also!! No sun here, but it's not raining either.

Re: What's for breakfast? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-17-2010

YUP! It's only in the 70's with a breeze...kinda cool compared to the low 80's and flat calm yesterday, but I'll take it!

Re: What's for breakfast? - cjs - 04-17-2010

Oh my, between trying spam dishes in Hawaii and these little goodies - Spam Breakfast Burritos - I am so hooked on spam! These are delicious!!

We started with the Mimosas and of course we had to play with them, so now we have

Hypnotic Mimosas
(a little overkill with the orange slice...)
[Image: HypnoticMimosa.jpg]

In a champagne glass -
2 oz. o.j.
1 1/2 oz. Hypnotic
(at this point the drink looks really bad, but persevere)
fill with Andre Stawberry Sparkling (about 6 oz.)

My these are tasty!

I made two dishes of the spam burritos to see how they freeze - will try next week.
[Image: Spamburritos2.jpg]

I really surprise myself how well I liked these flavos.
[Image: Spamburritoplated.jpg]

Re: What's for breakfast? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-17-2010

It all looks wonderful, Jean. William's gonna want to try these....after he makes fun of me for "glamorizing" spam...LOL!

Here's a new challenge for you. He keeps potted meat and kippers, as well as a box of crackers, in his truck during hunting season. Oh, I forgot the cans of Vienna Sausages. These items and the spam are staples in the fall...LOL!

Re: What's for breakfast? - cjs - 04-17-2010

Oh my, my kids loved Vienna sausages when they were toddlers - I always had to keep them on hand.

Daphne, if you were a dutiful, loving wife you would make him some spam musubi.

Re: What's for breakfast? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-18-2010