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Cinco de Mayo!!! - cjs - 05-05-2010

Cinco feliz de Mayo a todos!! (hope I said that correctly)

Our next door neighbors are taking us out to dinner to celebrate the day (we both think we were Mexicans in another life )

What are you all up to? Sharon is back in California by now and will have all kinds of access to good Mexican food today!

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - Mare749 - 05-05-2010

I wondered if anyone was going to post this! This is a very fun day to go out for good Mexican food, so that's what we will be doing also.

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - esgunn - 05-05-2010

I hate to say it, but I am a little tired of mexican food. The kids finished up the rest of the black beans and pork yesterday.

Maybe I'll just have a Margarita (or Frescarita) to celebrate after the kids go to bed!!!

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - cjs - 05-05-2010

There you go, Erin, do what you gotta do.

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - luvnit - 05-05-2010

Well we really have nothing for Mexican restaurants around here. Of course we have Taco Bell , and there is a restaurant chain called Don Pablos. I've only been there twice and they did have decent food.

But we are having Jean's Tacos with Mole! I have been craving that ever since we had it the first time! We love that recipe Jean. So yummy.

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - karyn - 05-05-2010

Jean's Tacos with Mole sound delicious. I love anything mole and would love to try the tacos. Is the recipe posted somewhere?

We're having half of Jean's birthday dinner--the Cubano Burgers from the latest issue. I'm skipping the Tostones because I didn't see green plantains at the store today. I may try them later in the month. I'll just grill some asparagus instead.

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - cjs - 05-05-2010

Karyn, here's the thread where we talked about them -

Also, Laura had an alternative idea for putting the tacos together that sounds great. She mixed all the topping together as for a salad and topped the meat/mole sauce mixture with the salad.

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - farnfam - 05-05-2010

After much deliberation, we are having fish tacos with a yummy chipotle mayo cream sauce. I've got Pandora on, playing Mexican Fiesta music. And of course there will be cervesas.

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - foodfiend - 05-05-2010

We started with mojitos (of course...) and then beer-marinated grilled chicken tacos with guacamole. And roasted corn with edamame.

Laura, the Don Pablos near us closed ages ago and I miss it (loved the Mama's Skinny Platter!).

Re: Cinco de Mayo!!! - HomeCulinarian - 05-06-2010

Leftovers - couscous, green beans, roasted red pepper soup - with sautéed chicken breasts. Getting ready to take a little trip to Florida and need to clean out the fridge before we leave.