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Freeze Happy One of the local reporters was looking for someone who cooks one weekend per month like they talk about on this website. I thought this site had some good ideas, especially for people that are just too tired after working all day (thinking about you, Daphne!).
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Thanks, Jeanette! I will be digging into this sight this weekend. I need all the help I can get. I have gotten into such a slump! I feel like I need someone to smack me....LOL!
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Great site, Jeanette - boy, I remember those days. I had to shop on a weeknight (my four were always home, so between all six of us we divided up the grocery list, got our baskets and we were done in no time). Then Saturdays were spent cleaning house and cooking/freezing for the week ahead.

Thank God for freezers in our 'family days' time.
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