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Since I can't see the Cooking Channel, I subscribed to their newsletter. Saw a recipe for Sweet Potato Latkes that sounded very good. Do you who can see the channel like these cooking sisters? Sweet Potato Latkes - Marilynn and Sheila Brass – Cooking Channel

Also, saw this one - wouldn't Billy J have been all over it?
Recipe courtesy Marilynn and Sheila Brass
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I get the cooking channel, but have never watched a show with two sisters. What's the name of the show?

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I think it's "The Brass Sisters". The show is new, haven't seen it yet. But those latkes do sound really really good.

Oh my, wouldn't Billy love that cake.

For those that do get the cooking channel - they are running a holiday cocktail show with great drink recipes, wine information, and some appies that just looked to die for (figuratively speaking).
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I haven't seen that one yet either. I like the latke idea, though!
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I have seen the show and like them, they are a hoot. They have at least 2 cookbooks out which I have on my to buy list on Amazon. Here is a link to their site. Their baking book was one of the F&W best books in 2009 and the discussion of it on the CI forum was all positive. I have the Christmas one set to record.
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Billy would have been all over that one, Jean. I get the channel, but haven't seen them yet.
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