Saturday's Dinner, 6/22/13??
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What's on the menu for everyone today?

We're having leftover ribs and baked beans and melon.
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I would like to do something from the new issue, but short on time today, so we will be having Asian Pork Satays with Sticky Rice from Cuisine Tonight, with a side of Asian slaw.

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Not motivated yet .trying to get settled back in.
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ReservationsSmile Had to come in an hour earlier today (5:30) because of a time change of an event. Now I have to stay an hour later for my tenderloin dinner because of another time change. I hate 13 hour days.

Longhorn wins. The popcorn shrimp is calling my name.

Still haven't seen the new issue.

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I got my beef back ribs thawed so they are in the smoker as we speak. I am hoping 6 hours will be enough. I am using the 3-2-1 method.

Also grilling some corn and making cilantro lime butter to coat them.
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Chicken with almond butter sauce, baked potatoes and a salad.

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