Tuesday's Dinner, 9/8/15??
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What's on the menu for today??

We're having Chili Rellenos with sausages for a brunch and tonight we're eating out.
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Just leftovers here - chicken enchiladas. Ice cold orange slices on the side - it's been excessively hot here the last few days and is expected to continue.
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Today it's one filet and one rib-eye, grilled, w/ the steak sauce from issue 100 and grilled asparagus.
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I think we're going to do a Chinese chicken salad tonight. Definately need something a little lighter after the foodfest weekend we had.

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Well the heat is coming back, but I had already planned on this dinner so moving forward. Osso Bucco
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Working from the freezer tonight. Spaghetti!
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