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Help! I just got a "professional discount order form' for Gourmet Magazine at $1 an issue, plus a 'free' cookbook, an annual restaurant issue, and special holiday issues. I've never read it. The offer has one or two year options. I have a copy of the Gourment Cookbook which I got for $9.99 off of Ebay, but like I said I'm not familiar with this magazine. So like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, "Anyone,anyone?" How come you subscribe to one or two cooking magazines and all of a sudden, there is a deluge of free sample cooking magazines and offers? Is it like the hobo sign? Hobo's put up secretive signs to indicate whether a place is good or bad for a handout. Cooking Light- it just goes into recycling. Who cares about cooking light? I want good, darn it. It's my body and I don't want to deprieve myself since I can't afford to put gas in my Jaguar to go out. Whine, whine, whine...I need a good cheese to go with it...any recommendations?
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We used to get Gourmet, and Food and Wine. We let them both run out. Filled with very beautiful pictures.... of cars and jewelry IMHO. Just my 2cents, don't let me sway you.
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Wish I could give my HO however I've not had any contact with Gourmet MAGAZINE---sorry---if it sounds too good to be true--it usually is!! There are some AWESOME JAGS on the roads here---LOVE their cars, if nothing else!!!
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I subsribed to Gourmet years ago, but gave it up - can't remember why... It depends on the type of cooking you like to do if you'll enjoy this magazine. Their recipes can be quite upscale and involved - but some very good ideas.

Bingo!! It is the hobo sign - I'm sure there is a round robin sharing of subscriber's names, etc. when one subscribes.
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I used to get Gourmet every month, years ago. Now I do the same with it as BA, pick and choose the issues I buy. their special editions can be great.
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sounds good
got it last year
never again
if you like nice pictures it is great
if you want new recipes is is awful
they should call it a travel mag. instead of a cooking mag.
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I take a lot of magazines--
Great--Cuisine, Fine Cooking
Good--Bon Appetit
OK--Cooks Illustrated

Not so good--Gourmet, Food & Wine
Special--Saveur--great stories and info. When they have a good recipe (rarely) it is great and worth the years subscription. Food magazine pornography.
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I take Gourmet and the offer is genuine; I never pay more than $12 a year for it and I'm just a home cook, not a professional. It's beautiful and I like quite a few of the recipes as well. It's a travel magazine too and for most of the destinations they include recipe, some complex and some quite simple.

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I get Gourmet too, and while it does have LOTS of lovely ads for cars and jewelry, it has some good recipes in it too. I figure it's worth $1 per issue.
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Welcome to the forum, Hoosier!!!
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