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I can't remember what forum it was on that led me to the instructions for preparing this years tomato seeds for next years crop. But, whomever it was deserves a BIG thank you! I managed to prepare one batch of Sun Gold cherry tomato seeds and one small batch of Mortgage Buster/Lifter seeds. This time I was more careful and managed a large batch of the Mortgage... seeds. I have never started a tomato from seed in my life, so will send the seeds on to Dale so they can try them. They are very meaty low-acid tomatoes.
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Yes, Billy sent me seeds for our summer, of both types. We will plant them on our Labour Day. That is late Oct., the traditional day for planting here. And have great hopes for them. Neither is available in this country.

Thank you Billy m'love, 'preciate that. ;Þ

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