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This is a stalwart of the NZ/English kitchen, a much trusted product owned by one of lg. pharma companys. Mothers give it to their children for the adverised Vit. C.

Alas, two school girls here tested it, and the Vit. C is only 4% of the advertised and labelled strength. The girls told them, and the Pharma. Co. told them to get lost. So now there is a big fat stink with the Ph. Co. backpeddling at 100 mls hr. because the girls Took It Further, as one says. There were other things amiss too, but I can't remember what they were. I think it is hilarious, a couple of school girls sueing a multi billion $ company. Has anyone heard about this?
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Yup!!! It was a headliner all week on our local talk radio program. GOOD ON YA, GIRLS!!!!
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