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I am hosting a fall celebration party soon and need some suggestions on what to serve with seared salmon with creamy leek sauce as a side dish. Please help me out. I do not want to over power the salmon with anything too strong!
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I haven't tried it yet myself (but have it on my list to do so soon) but what about the parmesan-leek bread pudding recipe that has been posted here and sounds so good?

I'm not sure if that would be too much "leek" for this meal but it sure sounds good.
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...I do not want to over power the salmon with anything too strong!

Well, as strong as salmon is, I would probably be more concerned that it would overpower the side dish. Salmon is just not my thing for that very reason, but I'm sure plenty of other users here will have some great suggestions for you.

That's not much help, but I at least figured I'd add my $0.02. The main thing I would have to say, in this case, is "Welcome to the forum!"
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with salmon. But anything green will do.
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What about a simple roasted potato with or with out a sprinkling of parmesan, and or roasted asparagus. Roasting any type of veggie in the spring and fall is so right up my ally.

Maybe a medely or brussel sprouts, potatoes and fennel bulbs - oh yum!
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Erin, are your triplets 2 boys, 1 girl? (My eyes are failing!). Are they always this "chummy"? Cute pix!!!

Sorry, I can't help with any salmon sides....lost my touch with seafood years ago when the allergy popped up. As Labradors said, there are others here who consume a LOT of salmon who can give you perfect suggestions! Good luck with your gathering and WELCOME to the party!
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WELCOME to the family, rosemary55!!!! Pop in when you have the chance--would love to see you here!!

I most always serve roasted asparagus or brown butter green beans. Peas (petite pois) work well too and the frozen ones are oh so easy to prepare.

The leek bread pudding is really tons of flavors and an interesting thought. Might be a bit too rich along with the "strong flavor" of the salmon but maybe two sides??

See ya soon!!!
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Artichokes, asparagus (as mentioned) and/or roasted potatoes would be great with the salmon and leeks.

and welcome to the forum rosemary55 - have fun with your dinner party!
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Hello Rosemary,

I am pretty new here too. Welcome! Everyone is really friendly here, I just love it.

Oh and for somehting green... I agree witht the roasted asparagus... yum. Or some spinach, I love spinach.
I was looking at the lastest issue. Issue No. 66 on page 21 and they have a wonderful recipe for Duchess Potatoes. They are quite striking to look at and you don't see them much anymore. You can even make them ahead of time. Perfect for a dinner party.
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