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I have already posted my "blonde moment" about buying the pasta maker and grinder when I got my mixer. I was sooo confused by which mixer to get, when I grabbed the two attachments, I didn't look closely. THEIR THE SAME THING!

Anyway, I took the grinder back today. I decided that since I make penne and macaroni quite often, I would keep the pasta maker. I was just going to exchange for the pasta roller and cut my pastas, but last night, hubby heard me grumbling over my decision-making. He rolled over, grabbed his wallet and pulled out some cash. "Honey, I have so enjoyed your cooking and you have worked so hard and had so much fun cooking these past few days, get what you want." ZOWIE!

Off to Wilmington I go...totally forgetting I was going to exchange some of my Fiestaware...another story. I take "baby girl" to lunch and head to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. SHOOT! The only other attachment they have I didn't get was the ice cream maker (Mother's Day gift). Shoot! "Can we order it for you?" "No I can do that myself and use the gas money for shipping! Give me cash back." Now I know JC Penny's and Sears sell the mixers...what if? I head to Sears first. When I get to the small appliance section, I look around and NO attachments. HMMMM? I ask a sales girl and she calls in the expert. While I wait, I check out the display of KA mixers. Then a small box catches my eye...sitting behind the display. Hmmm? I pick it up and Lo and Behold, its the pasta roller/cutter set!!!! The "expert" walked up and I questioned her about it. She said someone ordered it and returned it yesterday!!!!! Not only did I get my attachment, it was 50 bucks cheaper than the one at BB&B!!!!

I made my first batch of linguine tonight! WOW! Everyone is right! I'll never buy box again!!!!!! I have had the fresh dried before, but it is very pricey and only available in Wilmington. This is even better than that!!!!! WOOOHOOOO! And what fun I had making it! After watching me make it, hubby said, "You mean that's all there is in it...flour, eggs and a little salt and water?" He had fun watching me make it and I had fun doing it! I now have a new job on Saturdays....making pasta for the coming week! COOL!!!!
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  Re: I LOVE MY PASTA MAKER! by Gourmet_Mom (I have already poste...)
Oh isn't homemade pasta to die for!!! Whenever I make it Jennifer looks at me like I'm nuts. I got the dies for the KA and my grinder - not too happy with them from the first try. No where near like my old extruder model (that I gave away!). I've got a hand crank roller with the ravioli maker and just love it - the flavor is incredible.

I'd never buy boxed but we do use a lot of Dreamfields low carb pasta - actually prefer it to most boxed. I love home made - used to make a lovely cornmeal lasagna for a "Mexican lasagna", spinach fettucini, and a lemon pepper fettucini that was so good with shrimp.
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  Re: I LOVE MY PASTA MAKER! by Gourmet_Mom (I have already poste...)
Wow! What a wonderful chain of events for you. I would love to have a new KA with pasta attachments. I love homemade pasta. I had an extruder one long ago, but I was not impressed with the quality so I brought it back. I guess I was used to my grandma's homemade pasta that she made with a rolling pin and her two loving hands.

And what a sweetie your hubby was... I love it when they do stuff like that. Makes you wanna marry them all over again.
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Can I ask what an extruder pasta maker is?

Things really worked out well for you. Now that's a happy day.

I had one of the silver hand roller pasta maker once but my son put it in the dishwasher, or hand washed it. I don't remember but it was ruined and rusty after that.

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  Re: Re: I LOVE MY PASTA MAKER! by Corinne (Can I ask what an ex...)
Love freshly made pasta - I've got to get back into it. I stopped a couple of years ago when I realized we were eating twice as much pasta that way!! But, maybe (right) we've learn restraint these days.
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The extruder is an attachment that "squirts" pasta out instead of rolling and cutting. I have not used this attachment yet. I only kept this because we use penne and macaroni quite often and for just a little more, I could compare this device to the roller. I'll have to let you know how it works. Here's a picture. I couldn't find one with the pasta "squirting" out, but maybe you can imagine. It comes with different plates that fit in the opening...small holes, larger holes, two long slashes on either side (for lasagna), round openings (for hollow pasta).
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  Re: Re: I LOVE MY PASTA MAKER! by Gourmet_Mom (The extruder is an a...)
How fun is that? Glad you are enjoying your new KA so much! I use mine constantly and love it as well. There is nothing like fresh pasta, especially in a lasagna! And it's so easy because you just use sheets of it. I like to do mine very thin and in several layers. Have a great time and give that nice hubbie a hug from your cooking friends.

I had a pasta extruder attachment that was part of my Oster Kitchen Center that my husband bought me one Christmas when we were first married. It was the only attachment that I didn't care for and could never get the hang of it. No matter what kind of flour I used or what consistency the dough was, my spaghetti would always stick together while I was trying to extrude it. I have always enjoyed great success with my pasta roller. Just a thought.


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I am so pleased for you Daphne, it is so good to hear someone enjoying their purchase so much.
  Re: Re: I LOVE MY PASTA MAKER! by vannin (I am so pleased for ...)
Good for you Daphne! I only have a Pasta Queen and I make the dough in the Cuisinart, but I do absolutely love it. Nothing can beat it, YUM
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  Re: Re: I LOVE MY PASTA MAKER! by farnfam (Good for you Daphne!...)
Well, I'm joining the sausage making group tomorrow....have fat and Boston butt waiting at 9 am. Due to a miscommunication I also have beef to grind, so I guess I'm making meatballs tomorrow!

Does this require more pasta? YUM! I am so excited about making more pasta. I'm trying my hand at flavored pasta tomorrow. I haven't decided what kind. Suggestions? I'm making it to use for future use. I'm thinking spinach and sun-dried tomato.

Since I also plan to make bread, I may do meatball subs...hmmm? Fresh basil/oregano pasta and little meatballs with fresh garlic bread or bread for meatball subs...HMMM? Decisions, Decisions!

Okay, decision made. I'm making meatball subs AND pasta for next week and brother! I've got enough meat to make numerous batches...LOL!
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