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We have leased our property to an electric school. Woe is me, my bedroom has been shifted downstairs, I can't find anything, and my beautiful big living room is filled with beds and the flotsom of 12 years living here. Shane is complaining about my books, I have 2 bedrooms given over to them, and another carton of newies arrived this morning. I just can't help it. They stick to my fingers. So when Shane moves his bedroom the top will be cleared out, and the leasees can start painting. We have to vacate by the 22nd March, and we don't have a house to go too. Woe is me. We can't settle on the one we want until we sell the land and buildings. We have the lady who runs our other business in one of the flats at the side and our youngest son in the other. So currently we have 3 households and a business with no home.

Someone please, tell me you understand, even go further, and say you are sorry for me.
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I understand!!!! And I have great empathy for you. We are also going to be moving and just thinking about packing up my house with 9 years of STUFF is giving me hives. Our time frame is a little bigger than yours though, we'll be moving over the summer.

Good luck finding a suitable house for you and your books!
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Dale, I understand how you are feeling. A girlfriend of mine has shared your experience, after her husband sold their (3500 sq ft)home, they moved into their tiny lake house, I'm sure she ended up renting storage for all her things.

She was less than happy. So, yes, I empathize and sympathize.

Good luck to you.

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Dale, I do feel sorry for you. When we remodeled the house, we did it half at a time and lived in the half that wasn't being worked on. What a mess! I could go on and on about all the mess that went on during that first half, but it's not applicable. Just know, I know how you feel.

You mentioned leasees, do you have a buyer for the property yet? If the market down there is anything like here, good luck! It's almost stagnant here!
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It is a mess--you should be depressed--if you were not, you would need counciling--Og Mandino said "This too shall pass"--that got me thru several crises.---and will get me thru more--and is now. Be well and prosper. Regards, Bill
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You are all very Kind, thank you. Sales are down here, but the prices are still holding. We have 2 prospective purchasers for the place. It is perfect for the lessees, they will be doing 10 day workshops for 16 students, and there are 16 bedrooms upstairs plus bathrooms, and an extra living room, it would do for a tv room. That is what we have used it for.

The seminar room holds 40 people theatre style, the sitting room downstairs about the same, but we have it furnished beautifully, and the dining room seats 40 comfortably with room for a large buffet table. We are leaving all that behind of course. The kitchen is all s/s and easily five chefs could work in it with room to burn. The dishwashing and baking rooms are both separate as is the pantry and the chefs office. There is a loading dock out the back of the kitchen area. I will be glad to leave, but it will be a bit sad, We are totally surounded by the Ngakora Stream and huge old trees. 7 acres, and it is beautiful. Too big for us, now.
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I do expect the housing prices to come down over the next months, perhaps a year. We do, as does the rest of the world, follow the US in these trends. I do not think it will be the soft landing predicted 2-3 years ago, but a rather harsher market adjustment. We have never owned any shares except those in our own companies, and my DIL (to be I hope) unloaded her airport shares recently. Things like airports will take a hiding I am thinking.
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I don't think your situation will track the sub prime debacle--should you consider owner financing? If your tenants have financials and cash for a down payment it could be beneficial for you both
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You have my sympathies-- I hope that it goes much more smoothly than you ever thought!
Just thinking of our someday moving from this house where we have lived for almost 25 years, both of us being pack-rats, frightens me.

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That is true Old Bay. And a good path to enqire after. Of course I would much rather be free of a mortgage, any mortgage. But we are very lucky to have these tenants, we do have two tents, wonder if they would mind us camping on the front lawn.

And Vicci, the wonder of it is, were do we PUT all this stuff. Trouble is, if there is space we fill it.

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