The ultimate chicken sandwich review
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This is from the Sandwich magazine. It was super easy since you use a store bought chicken. I love the mix of sliced chicken and the chicken salad mixture on one sandwich. The only thing that would make it better is if it was homemade chicken.
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another that looks good.
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Is there are recipe for this somewhere that I've missed??
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Welcome CPP! I'm not sure of the question. This is a review of one of the recipes in the recently published Cuisine at Home Sandwiches and Salads special publication. Are you familiar with the magazine...a subscriber, but not familiar with the special publications? Or are you new to Cuisine at Home Magazine? There is not a recipe archive on the site. But if someone does not have a publication, usually one of the members who does will post it for them. Are you looking for this recipe? I don't have it saved in MC, but I would not mind typing it up for you. If I remember, it's not very long.

Again, welcome, we like having new people around to enjoy cooking and talk about food! Come back soon and often.
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