Inexpensive but high quality Christmas presents
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Like most of us, I love the holiday season. Easy for me to say right now while sitting in the Florida sunshine but I might change my mind tomorrow night while freezing my butt off in Wisconsin. I'm not a shopper, and finding appropriate presents for friends and family is something I try hard to avoid. As some of you know, my wife Fran is the real cook in the family. She's a natural. Me? I'm more of a knife guy. From a couple weeks prior to Thanksgiving through the new year I take my friends' and relatives' cooking knives and transform them from edges barely able to slice butter into laser cutters. There is a ton of pleasure to be had watching people I love smile so widely the first time they use their *new* blades.

If anyone is interested in owning some excellent knives and learning how to keep them up, give me a shout. You can experience obscene prep pleasure in the kitchen when using the real deal. I have a plethora of sources. By excellent knives I am not talking about Forschners, Wusthofs, Henckels, Warthers, Cutco, or Chicago Cutlery. In relative terms, they are all just so much expensive garbage. Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes but I know what I'm talking about. Kitchen cutlery and high end sharpening are my "things".

The pic is about half of my sharpening stuff, the equipment I schleped to my place in Wisconsin this past summer.


[Image: 100_0824.jpg]

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