Shrimp Etouffee - WeekNight Meals III
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If someone had never had a true crawfish (shrimp) etouffee, this was a great flavored dish. But, without the deep dark red roux, which this method can't achieve, it just did not have the wonderful flavor.

I'd give it a high 7, but be hesitant to call it an 'etouffee.'

Made the tomato rice to go along with it also, but used some of last year's tomatoes from the freezer and oven roasted them before combining with the rice. Tasty.
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Great and very helpful comment, Jean. I HAVE had the real thing, and you are absolutely right about the importance of the roux.
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I've never had the real thing, but from what I know of these types of dishes, I'm surprised they would use that title without the roux. Good to know...thanks for the review, Jean.
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Thanks for your review on this Jean. I have had the real thing (in New Orleans) and there just isn't anything like it. But, for a quick meal, this might be a way to go.

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