Once again I sat at the table last night, watching DH and my friends laughing and eating, and thought stop time NOW. It didn't work. All too soon it was over...

We've done very little entertaining in the past few months and I have decided that I need to make up for lost opportunities.
Last night, 3 friends came to dinner and we had a wonderful evening.

Today, the house is all cleaned (inside and out),and I have time to relax and write!

This menu was so good, I want to share.

First, to save time I bought hummus and whole wheat pita chips.
One couple brought a wonderful platter of olives/ marinated mushrooms/ marinated artichoke hearts/ fresh mozzarella balls, etc.

Another friend brought a pinot grigo which went well with everything

I made:

Food & Wine's Shrimp and Lemon Skewers with Feta Dill Sauce (I made chicken also, and subbed fresh oregano for the dill)

Lemon Orzo Pilaf

Chopped Salad with a lemon-garlic vinaigrette

Cuisine at Home's Double Chocolate Torte

Also minty green iced tea and lemonade.

Everything just went so well together. I had a huge platter and piled the orzo in the center, with the chicken and shrimp on either side and it made a great presentation.

I want to invite other friends over soon (hey, let's take advantage of the clean house and weeded flower beds!) and would like to repeat this menu but just remembered that there was a recipe for chicken and sage skewers which I made a few years back and have often wanted to try again. As we all know,"so many recipes..."

If interested, you can do a search for F&W's shrimp % lemon skewers with feta-dill sauce; I'm also going to try to have that recipe and the others on my blog in a couple of hours.

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Very nice, Vicci! It's funny, I've got Lemon-Garlic Shrimp Skewers from the last Grilling book on the menu for next week.
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F&W's shrimp % lemon skewers with feta-dill sauce;

Definitely going to look for this - your evening sounded lovely, Vicci - like one of those "ah" moments - so glad that you enjoyed your guests.
  A good summertime menu foodfiend Once again I sat at ...
Sounds like a wonderful time, Vicci! Good food, good drink, good friends, clean house-what more can you ask! How did you like the double chocolate torte?


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That double chocolate torte is sure making the rounds - guess I'd better start thinking about it.

Isn't it great when an evening like this occurs?? magic.
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Ooooooh, that torte! I don't know if I mentioned that I made this for MIL's (ultimately forgettable) birthday dinner a few weeks ago and we really liked it but one of the SIL's absconded with the leftover pieces. So I just had to make it again. I'm thinking that a nice raspberry sauce would add a flavorful note to it, but that cake is so easy, and so delicious, that it really needs nothing other than a sprinkling of toasted almonds!

We all had "seconds"

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A good summertime menu

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