So far, I have never even seen quinoa and it has not become available here, yet, but this sounds like an interesting idea from Sumito Estévez - one of the El Gourmet chef's I follow. This is not from a show and is not a full recipe - just a general usage idea:

Great idea they gave me in Ecuador: Cook some quinoa for 10 minutes, purée 1/4 of it, fry another 1/4 of it, then make "risotto" from the remainder with the purée and garnish with the fried.

With my own inexperience with quinoa, that sounds interesting, but I can't say HOW interesting. Still, it must mean something that a professional chef from one South-American country liked the idea he had received from another South American about a grain that is, itself, South American. If any of you try the idea, let me know how it works so I can keep it in mind in case they ever get quinoa here.
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  An idea for those who like quinoa labradors So far, I have never...
copied - this sounds like it would be fun to play with. Haven't made quinoa for a couple months, so I'm due. Thanks Labs. (now, I hope it doesn't get buried... )
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An idea for those who like quinoa

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