What's everyone up to today??

Well, since we're a day behind my menu, won't be doing much cooking, but I do have a dessert I have to make. I saw one Brian Boitano show a while back and he made a good sounding dessert that I'll make for today.

The flan I made yesterday was divided up between the neighbors - it was overcooked!! I've got to get my oven calibrated. I even cooked it less time, what a waste!
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  Tuesday Dinner, 9/14?? cjs What's everyone up t...
Working at the Church this afternoon, Tuesday's Table. I'll put some sweet potatoes in the oven before I go, and we have leftover potroast (one of the toppings for the baked potato bar). I've got lots of leftover veggies and dip, and we picked up some pattypans at the Farmer's Market. I've never cooked them before, maybe I'll roast them also. I have a few dozen mini cheesecakes, but I think I'll donate them to Tuesday's Table, along with the filled cream puffs, so they don't end up on my hips.
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Just a simple chicken, vegetable and white bean soup. Garlic bread of course on the side for dipping.

Lorraine - I love roasted patty pans.

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What's a patty pans?

We're eating leftover Pork Roast from Sunday.

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Jeannette, they're cute little squashes. This is one of three varieties I found a picture for and the only kind I've ever seen around here.

[Image: e1e8ba.jpg]

Oh, forgot dinner. I'll post after I figure it out. I need to hurry and decide!
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I have a venison roast simmering in the oven in the gravy from Lorraine's Short Rib recipe. Already has carrots and onions in the pot, so I'm going to make some mashed potatoes and some fresh corn (off the cob) for dinner.

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Cute little things! What do you do with them? Cook them like summer squash?

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The only way I've done them is toss them with EVOO, S&P and roast for about 30 minutes. I do cut some in half if they are a little larger than the rest and I trim off that stem.

I like them better than roasting zucchini because they keep some of their texture and they're soooooo cute!

The only place I can find them is Trader Joe's. They also have little mini zucchinis that I roast whole.

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OH MY! Maryann! Hold dinner! I'll be there as soon as I can!
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I made the gumbo pot pie recipe from one of the weeknight menu books. My change is to serve it over rice instead of making the puff pastry round toppers (which are awesome).

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Tuesday Dinner, 9/14??

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