It seems that flash mobs are turning up everywhere these days and they seem to really like public markets. Who can blame them, we love them too! Anyway, just wanted to show my favorite place to shop. This is actually only part of the market. There is a whole other building with all the fruit and vegetable vendors. The video starts in front of one of my favorite vendors, Urban Herb. Enjoy!


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  West Side Market---flash mob video Mare749 It seems that flash ...
Beautiful! But now I'll have that stuck in my head...LOL! Not a bad thing, actually. Gotta love Handel! I regret missing the presentation of the Messiah this year by the community choir...some of my church choir are members. I love it!
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  Re: West Side Market---flash mob video Gourmet_Mom Beautiful! But now ...

What a great idea! - Music is the best.

Lots of happy faces.

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  Re: West Side Market---flash mob video mjkcooking [br]What a great ide...
Really cool. These have been springing up in a number of places - even the Orlando airport. Of course, leave it to California to have problems.
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Oh, that's a shame - right down the hill from our old place on the hill. I would love to be somewhere that this took place.
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I agree with Jean, I would love to happen upon one of those. BUT as I try very hard to avoid crowds, that may never happen.

Maryann, I want to return to your area sometime next year and especially visit West Side Market. It was such a great place, but I was a bit overwhelmed. I think that I bought pepita seeds...

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  Re: West Side Market---flash mob video foodfiend I agree with Jean, I...
It is overwhelming when you don't go there regularly, Vicci. I used to feel that way, but now that I go so often, I have my favorite vendors, so can move through there pretty quickly. Please let me know when you come. We'll meet you for lunch and shopping.

"Drink your tea slowly and reverently..."
West Side Market---flash mob video

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