We've been watching the news and it looks like the storm we just had is really pounding you guys! Hope you're safe and dry! Please check in when you can!
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  Denise??? Trixee??? Harborwitch We've been watching ...
I was wondering about you guys, too. I heard on NPR that LA received 1/3 of it's yearly precip total since this past Friday! Wow.

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We're ok! Lots and lots of water and a really big cell coming tonight. Several roads on either side of us are closed now and the flood channel that's about 2 blocks east of us is filling up. Starting at midnight we're suppose to get 2" per hour for about 6 hours. That will be water that is concerning. We also get all the water that runs off the mountains being so close to them.

Should be clearing out in a day or two. Derek is hating life because he has to work in it

Thank you for your concerns

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Oh my! Stay safe Denise, Derek and Trixxee!
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We were worried! It's starting to rain again here - and we're supposed to get a big honkin' storm tonight too. The water is high and parts of the RV park are flooded but not quite what you guys are getting.

Hugs to Derek for going out there in this to work! What a guy.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!

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A truck driver we talked to at a rest stop stopped to talk to us because of our license plate and wondered about the weather and conditions we had run into coming to Texas. Except for what we see in the little town newspapers -read not much - we had no idea all this was going on.

One thing about being on the road - I miss my news. Hang on Denise and Trixxee!!
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I guess Arizona got hit pretty good! Sheesh.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!

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I posted to this thread earlier but I guess it didn't take!

You guys are very sweet to inquire about us here in So. Cal. Right now the sun is actually out (funny how bright it seems when it's been so dark for 6 days). I think Laguna Beach got hit pretty hard. That means the beaches will have an awful lot of erosion. I don't like it when our beautiful beaches are damaged - it takes so long for them to come back.

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Happy to hear you and Denise are okay. That's a lot of weather to deal with. I'd like to say at least it's not snow but we've had our share of floods here in NH the last few years and it's devastating. Think I'd rather deal with the snow.

Stay safe and dry!

Denise??? Trixee???

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