Yesterday and today--we just finished, parbaked and froze 27 of Jeans sourdough pizza crusts, and ruby red grapefruit; blueberry, strawberry, and mango sorbets (one of each)--tomorrow peach ice cream (fresh peaches from a neighbor). Sandwich for lunch and a grilled flank steak with Swiss chard for dinner, with wine of course!!! (already had bloodies during the cooking and freezing!!!)

PS- This is for our family 4th of July weekend. Do aheads.
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  Pizza crusts & Sorbets Old Bay Yesterday and today-...
WOW! You guys are on the ball! Did ya'll do pizzas last year? I'm betting it's gonna be a GREAT party! Here's hoping for good weather and 2 digit temps!
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  Re: Pizza crusts & Sorbets Gourmet_Mom WOW! You guys are o...
Bill you cooking them up in your outdoor pizza oven? Would love to see more pics.
  Pizza crusts & Sorbets Old Bay Yesterday and today-...
Totally impressed! You and Jane are amazing.
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  Re: Pizza crusts & Sorbets Harborwitch Totally impressed! ...
Wow!! And Don was so proud to make one batch....
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  Pizza crusts & Sorbets Old Bay Yesterday and today-...
Wow! Can I come?

Those sorbets sounds sooo yummy. I made mango sorbet last year and the kids LOVED it. I need to get some raspberries out of the freezer and make some. Hmmmm Maybe tomorrow.
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Pizza crusts & Sorbets

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