So sorry I've been absent. I've had a death in the family that took us by surprise. My uncle passed away and only a year after my aunt died. Now I am taking an impromptu trip to San Francisco to see Laura. She's fine...but she needs her mom and I am wheels up at 5am. I"m not putting this on FB because...well some of my "friends" on there are not folks I share personal things with. Whereas you guys are my family. I'll be back on Wednesday, but taking my iPad so hopefully can check in.

  Awol a tad DFen911 So sorry I've been a...
Be well. May God be with you on the trip.
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  Re: Awol a tad Old Bay Be well. May God be ...
Sorry to hear that, Denise. Safe travels!
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  Re: Awol a tad Lorraine Sorry to hear that, ...
Good Mom and Daughter time - it's needed at times like this. So glad S.F. is close enough for you.
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  Re: Awol a tad cjs Good Mom and Daughte...
Safe travels, Denise
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  Re: Awol a tad farnfam Safe travels, Denise...
I'm sorry to hear you sad news. I hope your time with Laura will be a time of renewal for you both.
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  Re: Awol a tad Gourmet_Mom I'm sorry to hear yo...
Have a safe trip, Denise. Sorry it had to be for such a reason.
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  Re: Awol a tad labradors Have a safe trip, De...
I am so sorry Denise. I hope your time with Laura is good for both of you.
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  Re: Awol a tad esgunn I am so sorry Denise...
I'm sorry for your loss and offer my condolences.
  Awol a tad DFen911 So sorry I've been a...
Denise I am so very sorry. Travel safely and spend lots of time hugging Laura - you both need it.
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