Not sure how many of you continue to receive the weekly Plate Online emails, but you should see the selection for this week: chicken sandwiches. Each of them sounds wonderful!

(Note that you must have a login for the site, but registration is free and they have a LOT of great recipes. Just be aware that their target audience comprises restaurant cooks and chefs, so some of their recipes need to be scaled down for small families.)
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  Chicken sandwiches, anyone? labradors Not sure how many of...
Saw those - they do look tempting!!
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  Chicken sandwiches, anyone? labradors Not sure how many of...
I had missed it. Went back and looked. They do look good!
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  Re: Chicken sandwiches, anyone? esgunn I had missed it. We...
YUM! Those sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing Labs!
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Chicken sandwiches, anyone?

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