I just received my CD. Any ideas on how to put all the magazines on the IPAD. would be great to have in the kitchen while cooking a recipe.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I don't think you can unless you cut and paste them all into an iPad recipe program because the DVD uses your browser to access the recipes.

I really wish C@H would get on the iPad bandwagon.

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Yes, but there are PDF files also or so it looks under media

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Gosh, what would i not pay to have all my recipes from C@H on my Ipad. ... grrrr

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Hmmmm... Alina would have to fill in some of the LC gaps, but there ARE programs (e.g. psftotext) to transfer text from PDF files to plain text files. There are also programs (e.g. wget or HTTrack) to capture all or part of a website (which is kind of what it's like if you are viewing the recipes through your browser).

I guess the FIRST question would be if LC would be able to import PDF files directly, presuming they actually contain text and are not only image scans of pages. Still, there MUST be text in these (or there are text files separate from the PDF files) if, as you say, you are able to copy and paste the text from the browser view. If LC can import them directly, the next question would be whether it's smart enough to be able to read the entire lot of files with a single import session or whether you would have to run hundreds of individual imports.

If LC can't import directly from the PDF files, then from what files CAN it import? If it can mass-import a bunch of plain text files, then maybe the files created by one of the text-extraction options I mentioned above would work.

This is the kind of thing that, although obscure, can be easy in Linux, but usually gets made "so easy it's difficult" under Windows. Since I have neither the disc nor LC, I'm just hoping the above ideas will have some useful information that Alina will be able to use to help you all.
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Btw has anyone with an iPad checked out grocery iq? I have it on my iPad and iPhone and they sync up. So I make my grocery list on the iPad and send it to my phone. If you don't want to type in items you can use your camera and scan bar codes in your pantry and add to list. It also will show you current coupons you can print out before you go.

It will search for your local grocery store too and show local coupons and store layout. But it didn't find mine so now sure how well that feature works.
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See Alina's response of a "how to get the DVD's PDF files onto the iPad" in the message, "More on C@H Back Issue Library DVD."


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Ok guys, I just did it, no search but heck...ALL the recipes are now on Ipad. Super easy.

Connect your IPAD to your computer. Go to your DVD, media, pdf files, click select all and copy. Go to Itunes and copy all the files to Books. Click on top Books, and sync. DONE
Ipad and cuisine at home dvd

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