So this trip got me to thinking. Several of us have been fortunate to meet others and had a blast. Many would like but flying here and there or hotels can be pricey.

An idea I am tossing around is - camp trip.

If anyone is interested I would love to see about planning a trip where those with trailers, campers, tents etc could gather. I also know that several camp sites now offer full amenities cabins within the trailer park.

Is this of interest to anyone? Maybe we could meet up in the middle of the county so no one has to drive coast to coast.

Just a thought. Summer will soon be upon us.

  Very OT - camping DFen911 So this trip got me ...
Don't have a camper, but am I the middle of the country?
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  Very OT - camping DFen911 So this trip got me ...
I'd sure want to go. We do not have a camper, yet. We would love to have one. I am not interested in tenting it. I'd stay in a hotel nearby first!

But let's keep developing this idea! I like it!
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  Re: Very OT - camping luvnit I'd sure want to go....
If only Tony was retired! Actually, tomorrow morning is the time to make reservations for any California State Campground for the month of July and I'm hoping we can get a week at our favorite spot. If we don't, we may be up for something!

I was so used to Tony getting 6 weeks of paid time off per year at this old job. Now, it's three. Really cuts into the good life!
  Re: Very OT - camping luvnit I'd sure want to go....
Any ideas for location? We are looking for campers on craigslist now.
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  Re: Very OT - camping luvnit Any ideas for locati...
Sounds great we tent where is the middle of the country?
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  Re: Very OT - camping farnfam Sounds great we tent...
I think it's a great idea . . . we're here for the summer though so no traveling for us yet!
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  Re: Very OT - camping Harborwitch I think it's a great...
Someone mentioned Colorado. We could also do Texas and very open to any suggestions!!

  Re: Very OT - camping DFen911 Someone mentioned Co...

We are interested in this Idea - We don't have a camper or a tent

So a cabin would be great.

Oh Lorraine - Lol -- I believe Virginia is on the East Coast. !!

and I am pretty sure IOWA would be the MIDDLE of the country

I know they have great spots to camp and visit LOL
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  Re: Very OT - camping mjkcooking [br]We are intereste...
We have signed up!! This could be so fun. C'mon, Lorraine you and 'him' could stay in a cabin for a few days. And, you can always cook in my kitchen ANYTIMG YOU WANT!!!

Whoooee, I'm so glad you came up with this idea, D.!!!
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Very OT - camping

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