What's on the menu for everyone today?

It's back to normal food for a while - my Lord what a food marathan we had this past weekend!

Leftovers here, surprise - maybe salmon burgers with slaw
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  Wednesday Dinner, 5/29/13?? cjs What's on the menu f...
I'm thinking of doing gyro burgers on the grill and some grilled vegetables.

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  Re: Wednesday Dinner, 5/29/13?? Mare749 I'm thinking of doin...
We might just have hot dogs and french fries or tater tots. We have a conference after school that will put me a little behind in my dinner prep so this will be easy.

  Re: Wednesday Dinner, 5/29/13?? Trixxee We might just have h...
I love gyro burgers...that may be on the menu next week. Tonight, it's Hawaiian Fried Rice, which will be quick and easy after I'm done tutoring.

  Re: Wednesday Dinner, 5/29/13?? karyn I love gyro burgers....
Leftover meatloaf, baby Lima beans, pesto stuffed tomatoes. How good is that! (Ina)?
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  Re: Wednesday Dinner, 5/29/13?? Old Bay Leftover meatloaf, b...
I'm having a Big Mac attack! Burgers for us also.
Wednesday Dinner, 5/29/13??

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