What's on the menu for everyone today??

It's eat out day around here - have to make a Costco run so we'll have lunch out and then some neighbors are getting together for dinner later at a local place.
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  Thursday's Dinner, 10/10/13 cjs What's on the menu f...
Have fun with the neighbors, Jean. We seem to be doing that more these days rather than entertaining at home. Just seems to take the pressure off.

Dinner tonight will be salmon burgers with sweet potato fries. We will start with a cup of pumpkin soup. Trying a different recipe without miso this time.

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Sure wish I had neighbours, have fun, Jean! Cold, damp and rainy here, great day for beef stew.
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Me too, Lorraine. No neighbors close around here
James asked for fish, so it's looking like Swai Vera Cruz style here
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Gorgeous day here, but I spent all day in my school's version of annual IEP meetings. They went really well, but I'm too tired to even go out, so it's quesadillas with some leftover carnitas, cheese, and whatever else I feel like scrounging from the refrigerator. Wine is NOT optional tonight!

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Tonight's going to be pretty interesting. Bonus daughter Dayna joins us for dinner on Thursdays and Last Thursday while Carylann was in Los Cabos, I told Dayna that if she could get time off from work, I would buy her a ticket to Puerto Vallarta. Carylann knows nothing about this. Tonight, Dayna will surprise her that she's joining us. I have a surprise of my own, I put Dayna in first class on the way to PV. This should be fun!

Tonight's dinner:
Meatloaf muffins with tomato gravy, buttermilk mashed potatoes and asparagus.

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I want to be a Bonus Daughter! If for no other reason than to have dinner at your house! Although, a trip to PV would be cool, too!

It has been a crazy week here, also, so I have opted to see if freezing spaghetti really does work instead of making Chicken Piccata. Wine is not optional here either.

But happy that Progress Reports are done and memo on them all for parents to visit my website for information about homework and makeup work has seemed to have reduced parent questions and conference requests!
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  Re: Thursday's Dinner, 10/10/13 Gourmet_Mom I want to be a Bonus...
I wouldn"t miind being a bonus daughter in that house, either!
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
Thursday's Dinner, 10/10/13

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