Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day full of blessings, love, and the people who light up your life! I wish C@H had the little "heart" thingy, I'd send you a couple, so HUGS!
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  Happy Birthday Daphne! Harborwitch Happy Birthday! I h...
Have a wonderful, enjoyable birthday!

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  Re: Happy Birthday Daphne! labradors Have a wonderful, en...
Have a wonderful day! Happy, happy, birthday!!

  Re: Happy Birthday Daphne! karyn Have a wonderful day...
Happy Birthday Daphne! I hope you have an amazing day.
  Happy Birthday Daphne! Harborwitch Happy Birthday! I h...
Happy, Happy Birthday Daphne!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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  Re: Happy Birthday Daphne! BarbaraS Happy, Happy Birthda...
What everyone else said... have a great day, Daphne!!!!!! I'll raise my glass of bubbly to you pretty soon!!
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  Re: Happy Birthday Daphne! cjs What everyone else s...
Happy Birthday Daphne! I too will raise a glass later this afternoon!

  Re: Happy Birthday Daphne! Trixxee Happy Birthday Daphn...
Yeah it's Daphne Day! One of the great days of the year in which we all get to celebrate Daphne

Happy Birthday you wonderful thang you

  Re: Happy Birthday Daphne! DFen911 Yeah it's Daphne Day...
Happy Birthday, Daphne! Here's to a great day, and a great year!
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  Re: Happy Birthday Daphne! Lorraine Happy Birthday, Daph...
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys are the best of the best!!!

I got to celebrate just like I wanted yesterday, for sure! Gotta love those weekend birthdays!

won't go into detail about my day, since I already did in the dinner thread. We will have a quiet afternoon. Toasting will have to come later tonight. But there will be a couple when we get home later. That's for sure! One late work night won't kill me! Not THAT old yet, I hope!!!
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Happy Birthday Daphne!

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