What's on the menu for everyone today??

Couple of realtors are taking us out to lunch, so our easy day for me.

I'm at the point in packing up that I'm going to have to plan a week of food so I can pack around what utensils/pantry items I won't be needing. This is sure a different kind of a move than I've ever done before.

One thing that is perplexing me...my spices. I have my own labels for each (and oh so many ), but I don't like to keep spice for a year. I'm thnking insead of dumping all of them and having to start from scratch in a year (plus so darn expensive) I'll just wrap all up and pack as is.

All my spice jars in the trailer are full, so don't need anymore thare. So different when the 'house' will be stored for a year.
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  Thursday's Dinner, 6/26/14?? cjs What's on the menu f...
I would dump them as well.

We are having a thai red curry chicken dish. Just the recipe that is on the Thai Kitchen jar of curry paste. I think I've been making it for 15 years now. Solid enough.

  Re: Thursday's Dinner, 6/26/14?? Trixxee I would dump them as...
That's too bad about the spices, Jean. Just a thought, but what if you used the small size foodsaver bags? That way they would lay flat. Then put them all in a ziploc to keep them together, and store in someone's freezer. Would that help to preserve them?

We will be doing Blane's birthday dinner tonight. Can't wait!

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  Re: Thursday's Dinner, 6/26/14?? Mare749 That's too bad about...
I agree with Maryann. That sounds like a good plan.

And funny thing, we are doing the review dinner tonight, finally, too! LOL!
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  Re: Thursday's Dinner, 6/26/14?? Gourmet_Mom I agree with Maryann...
While it would be work, they would keep much longer if put them in the foodsaver bag and sucked all the air out. Then they be lighter and store easier. Just a thought.

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I'm making the B'day dinner tonight also.

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No birthday dinner here, yet, but we are having a burger. I'm giving these Cheddar-Jalapeno Chicken Burgers with Guacamole a try.

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Ooooh Karyn - those sound like dinner tomorrow night! Yum.
Thanks for sharing.
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  Thursday's Dinner, 6/26/14?? cjs What's on the menu f...
Jean I know what you mean. I brought all of our spices with us - and I'm still struggling with how to make them more accessible. So far very few of them have lost their punch! They are well sealed and stored in the dark.

Bob works all day in the kitchen and we have to run to town when he get's off. Dinner will be ready to go - I'm going to brine some pork chops to grill, stuffing waffles, gravy, and a veggie of some kind.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
Thursday's Dinner, 6/26/14??

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