What's on the menu for everyone today??

I'm treating Roy to one of his favorites - Beef Taco Bake, nothing spectacular, just good old Mexican flavors he loves. And, we'll have the Grapefruit/Banana salad with it from my 1928 Piggly Wiggly recipe book (it's also in a Chef's Journey...Home )
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  Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15?? cjs What's on the menu f...
Carylann is going down to Portland for the night, so I'll be dining alone.
I'm finally making the Pimiento burger.

  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15?? losblanos1 Carylann is going do...
Not really sure now. Instead of going shopping in the city tomorrow, we are going today. So an early dinner in the city will probably happen.
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  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15?? Gourmet_Mom Not really sure now....
I think we're staying in today. More snow and cold. So, going to use what I have and make stuffed cabbage for tonight and for the freezer. Ron likes mashed potatoes with it.

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  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15?? Mare749 I think we're stayin...
Grilling burgers

  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15?? DFen911 Grilling burgers [im...
Settled on chicken with a sun-dried tomato cream sauce and Costco kale salad. I will probably wind up making some angel hair pasta as well.

  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15?? Trixxee Settled on chicken w...
Change of plans - Tony picked up fresh homemade tamales at the Farmer's Market today. Will probably make some smashed pinto beans topped with pepperjack as well.

Chicken will be tomorrow.

  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15?? Trixxee Change of plans - To...
I caved and had to have Chick Fillet., my weakness. Tomorrow will be beef stew samples and ????
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Saturday's Dinner, 2/21/15??

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