Okay--this is a test, AGAIN!!!! Have been attempting to participate but no luck with the new site. Bear with me if it does pop in.
"Never eat more than you can lift" Miss Piggy

  posting messages Roxanne 21 Okay--this is a test...
Well, I'll be dogged!!!---wonderful things do happen with patience and tenacity. It has been great to view a bunch of new posters here--I'm hoping you all will continue to review the recipes--it was lacking there for a LONG time. It's great to be back---I think!!!
"Never eat more than you can lift" Miss Piggy

  Re: posting messages Roxanne 21 Well, I'll be dogged...
I've started kind of being addicted to this site! LOL I love to cook so much. I have problems getting the site to work sometimes tho...kind of frustrating. OKAY...about the sugared steak. I ended up just grilling the 3rd ribeye, but, I had a note from the hubby this morning who wants to try the sugared steak. I will run to the store to get what I need (and try to fix it sometime this weekend.
Loving every moment of my life!!
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