What's on the menu for today for everyone??

Running around today, so not sure what we'll do.
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  Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15?? cjs What's on the menu f...
Lucky me, I get to go to a baby shower. I think they're grilling burgers & dogs.

  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15?? losblanos1 Lucky me, I get to g...
I'm adapting the Asian pork tenderloin & noodles dish we had a few weeks ago and making it with chicken to serve to someone who avoids pork. I don't think subbing chicken for pork tenderloin will have much of an impact on overall flavor. John's been craving this ever since we had it.

  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15?? karyn I'm adapting the Asi...
Ha Blane.

We are having grilled lamb chops (just going the typical simplest way), that orzo with everything dish several of us love, and asparagus.

  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15?? Trixxee Ha Blane.[br][br]We ...
Simple rib eyes, it's going to be a bear of a day and week ahead for me.

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  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15?? BarbaraS Simple rib eyes, it'...
It's chilly and drizzling here, so I have tentatively decided on Zuppa Tuscano, but William is napping, so I need to wait for him to agree.
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  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15?? Gourmet_Mom It's chilly and driz...
Grilled Italian sausage with sauteed onions and peppers, melted provolone on a hard roll. Yum. Since it's chilly here also, I may make some soup to start.

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  Re: Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15?? Mare749 Grilled Italian saus...
Your dinner sounds good, Maryann! Minus the cheese our dinners are similar. The Italian sausage is in my soup!
Keep your mind wide open.
Saturday's Dinner, 4/25/15??

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