What's for dinner tonight??

I'm grilling up some chicken thighs, not sure what the side will be.

Our pizza last night was sure good. I added some of the Black Bean Fiesta salad as a 'salsa' on top before cooking it and what a nice addition it was.
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  Tuesday's Dinner - 7/21/15?? cjs What's for dinner to...
An easy one today, Chile Colorado burritos.

  Re: Tuesday's Dinner - 7/21/15?? losblanos1 An easy one today, C...
Salmon with an orange-honey vinaigrette and an undetermined vegetable or salad.

  Re: Tuesday's Dinner - 7/21/15?? Trixxee Salmon with an orang...
We are going to try out a new little place for take out. It's just too hot today and we just got home to a super warm house. The AC tripped while we were out, and with all these windows, even with the many trees shading the house, late afternoon sun heats the house quickly, especially when you consider it reflects off the lake! WHEW!
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  Re: Tuesday's Dinner - 7/21/15?? Gourmet_Mom We are going to try ...
Pan seared dry scallops with a Noilly Pratt pan sauce, steamed new potatoes, and summer squash, portabello and green beans with fresh herbs.A sprinkling of Parm Reg pulled it all together. Really good and pretty healthy.

  Re: Tuesday's Dinner - 7/21/15?? pjcooks Pan seared dry scall...
Will you cook for me PJ?
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Tuesday's Dinner - 7/21/15??

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