Tony, I sent you an email about this, but I guess I'd better cover all the bases - so here is what I sent you -
I really screwed up something – if you could check out this thread, “DINNER THREAD - 3/6/17 - 3/12/17” in the Cooking forum, I hope you can see what I see. When I click on that thread all of the msgs. are blank, but each person who posted show up. Just the msg. section is blank.

When I clicked on ‘New Reply’ I was able to see the content of each posting and I saw a real mess on one of my last ones from yesterday. Not sure which link to send you, so I’m sending two to show what shows up.



On here I can post a picture - but I'm afraid if I post it it will screw up this also.

Is there some way to delete that particular post of mine to get rid of all that mess? It doesn’t show any options for me to edit it.
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A Real Screwup

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