This recipe is very similar to one I grew up with called Pasta Mudiga- spaghetti with bread crumbs. I refer to as Italian soul food. You take about 1/2 to 1 cup of good olive olive and brown fresh garlic in it. Use as much or as little as you like or can tolerate. Use a slotted spoon and remove the garlic once it it is done. You don't want the garlic to burn. You can use Progresso Italian-flavored bread crumbs or make up your own (like my little olde mudda does). You add the bread crumbs to the oil until the oil is absorbed. Then you stir the bread crumbs like a roux until they're brown. Oh, of course you have a boiling pot of water with spaghetti cooking in it. When the bread crumb mixture is done, you put the garlic back in it either in large or small pieces. Once the spaghetti is drained, you add the browned bread crumbs and mix it all up. If you made too much bread crumbs, the excess will simply end up in the bottom of the serving bowl.

Serve it in a bowl or plate. Top it with lots of fresh grated romano cheese and freshly ground black pepper. Oh sweet mother of you know who is it good. Simple and cheap; it will feed an army. You can enjoy some good red wine or beer with this dish.

  Rosemary Buttered Noodles- or Pasta Mudiga Backhertz This recipe is very ...
I think it sounds like pasta pornography--I can't wait to try it!!! Would a little fresh thyme mess it up?? I like that combo.
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I love this kind of pasta dish. Jim, I make a similar one and use thyme. It's our friend.
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  Rosemary Buttered Noodles- or Pasta Mudiga Backhertz This recipe is very ...
I also have done something very similar, that I must have picked up from one of my Italian buddies and I agree - this is to die for...well, almost!! I add a good sprig of rosemary while I'm infusing the garlic and remove with the garlic and this seems to give just the right amount of flavor for us. This really is a great crowd dish.
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Rosemary Buttered Noodles- or Pasta Mudiga

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