I have a question, please!

Since I am fairly new here this may be a dumb question.(If so please ignore this.)

Does [Email]C@H[/Email] Forum have the ability to designate an area of this forum for Tried and True Recipes or Favorite Recipes (even recipes not published by [Email]C@H)[/Email] for forum members to post? I ask this because I will be serving a few recipes to serve along with "Dinner" tonight that I believe many of you would enjoy.

It sure would be nice if we had an "area" on this forum that was earmarked for that purpose!!

Does that sound good to anyone else? Is it possible for us to set that up? Does it already exist and I'm just to dumb to find it?!?

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lol...you aren't "too dumb" to find it...it doesn't exist. We've been requesting things like that but I think they are too busy setting up the other forum. Hopefully, they will eventually get around to dealing with this one. But you just feel free to post as many recipes here as you want...we love them.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer. It sure would be a nice feature...

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I agree dollop dear, what a nice way to keep all the recipes we know work well and even the ways we've solved the ones with "glitches" organized for everyone to use and enjoy. Perhaps we could just title the post TRIED AND TRUES and keep bumping it and adding to it. Eventually, (when they come back here to deal with their real fans teehee) it'd all be there ready to turn into a separate section, topic whatever they call it.
Good idea dollop You get a cookie!!!
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How about a dark chocolate and champagne?

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"How about a dark chocolate and champagne?"

hmmmm, how about a dark chocolate and champagne???? Can think of few things I rather think about....

On the "Cuisine Members Plus" they already have three forums - general, recipes and something like 'emergencies' - but, I agree I wish they had a similar breakdown on this forum. I try to start a new post for posting recipes, just so I can find them later.
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Do you see my hand up in the air?

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