Where is everyone tonight? Must be reading those really great cookbooks they all got for Christmas.......mmmm

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  HELLOOOO!!!! Anybody out there??? Mare749 Where is everyone to...
I was wondering the same thing, but then again, I'm not one to talk-I've been busy this last week repainting my condo and repairing the damage my former tenants left behind. The kids drift in occasionally to help, so it's not too bad.
I've been bringing the leftovers from my fridge over to feed whoever is there at the moment. It's amazing how good pork tenderloin, risotto, butternut squash and turkey gravy mixed together can taste when you've been working very hard for a very long time, and that's what's available!

So, that's why I'm not around much, no internet over there anymore.
What about the rest of you?


  Re: HELLOOOO!!!! Anybody out there??? pjcooks I was wondering the ...
I'm still running back and forth to MIL's house. She is still in need of help following her hip replacement. Funny how her DD, other DIL, 39 year old DGD, and 15 year old DGGD haven't shown up!! I don't see any change for a while here...so I hope Y'all forgive me for being so absent!

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You'd think we'd all be collapsing and staying home after the hullabaloo of the holidays....but, for me I must have put off an awful lot of 'stuff' that I'm just catching up on now.

This is boring - hope we all get back to ourselves soon!
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I'm with you! You all don't know it but I am your most faithful reader, and I have been so busy that I am catching up on about 7 days worth of reading. I came back from a 5 day vacation with DD to visit our relatives in San Diego, and when I returned I faced three super stuffed hampers of washing. Not to mention the disastaer that DH left in the house. Whew!

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I kept visiting, but no one was saying anything. Jean's daughter, Madmax, IM'd me asking where everyone was. I told her I thought everyone was on their way over to Jean's house for a cook out...not really, but it sounds good.

I was going to make Peanut Butter cookies yesterday, but couldn't find the power cord to my sis' Sunbeam Mix Master that I gave her years ago. It soon came to me that that was the precise reason I hadn't made cookies last time, no power cord. I'm going to try using a hand mixer today.
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  Re: HELLOOOO!!!! Anybody out there??? bjcotton I kept visiting, but...
I've posted but not as much---check in every day though. I am SUPER busy trying to get organized for the Mom and daughter visit. That means---cleaning every nook and cranny (so that a white glove can be used!!!)of this 2200 sq meter house, making LISTS of everything to purchase--the new flight regulations means that they will be empty handed except for their clothes, taking care of the work crews and doctor visits. That includes giving DH 100% of my attention when he asks for it (or just needs attention!!!) cooking and just plain doing errands. What a nightmare--but sure makes the day go by quickly---I'm sooo tired at night I don't have the energy to read--my next favorite thing to do---I started a book a week ago and have only read about 80 pages---I would have read two books by now!! Anyway---sounds as though everyone else is busy with catch up, too.

Hope we get back to our normal routine soon---post holiday let down mode??? Where are the others----
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HELLOOOO!!!! Anybody out there???

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