1. The Rueben hush puppies look interesting. Has anybody done them? I love "reubenesque"--Jane doesn't--if they are good I'll try them anyway!!
2. We will try the fish tacos in the next week and I'll report.
3. We do turkey as little as possible.
4. The citrus chicken is a definite, but we will use white meat.
5. We want to try the blackened ham steak, but I was wondering---we get center cut "country ham steaks" from family in South Carolina and usually just pan fry them, make red eye gravy and serve with grits and tomatoes for brunch. Would these steaks work in this recipe? What do you think Jean?
6. The chipotle bacon breakfast sandwich is my kind of "BLT"--really will try this one!!!

Lets all talk about these and your thoughts in addition--I know most people like turkey.
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  Thoughts on Issue 62 Old Bay 1. The Rueben hush p...
GREAT discussion ----however, I have not received #61 yet!!!! WHAAAAAA!!!! Confusedmile; I will be leaving for the States on Sunday and will miss this interaction--- Missing y'all!!!
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  Re: Thoughts on Issue 62 Roxanne 21 GREAT discussion ---...
Do you need to borrow my laptop Roxanne? Of course you'd have to come get it
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  Re: Thoughts on Issue 62 bjcotton Do you need to borro...
I have my own---BUT i'll come and get it anyway!!!

At least I will be able to have hubby Skype "phone" me though---what a relief that will be---he can keep me away from SHOPPING!!!!! (FAT chance!!! )

Looking forward to the American scene again----oh-oh!!!!
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  Re: Thoughts on Issue 62 Roxanne 21 I have my own---BUT ...
FISH TACOS????? There's a recipe for fish tacos in this issue??? Well, it'll be ~4 more weeks before I see it. Hope it anyone tries them, they are good - I just love them.

Roxanne, I just can't imagine being out of the USofA for as long as you've been - I bet you are anxious for another little taste of home. Hope you have a ball and also hope you can sneak on a computer somewhere and give us some traveling notes once in a while...
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  Re: Thoughts on Issue 62 cjs FISH TACOS????? Ther...
You cannot begin to think about what I will wish for on my travels!!!

I will not have computer access---Mom does not have the computer connection--soooo--- will be in touch when I return.

I plan on LOTS of shopping!!!!!! EVERything!!!!!

I will have great deal to catch up on on my return-----interesting and informative as always!!!!

Keep well you guys!!!

Any info on the weather in Mass??? Snow will be a killer for me----Sad

I may be able to be in touch with my son's computer set-up on Nantucket!!! OHHHHH how happy I will be to see him after a very LONG period----I'm a little nervous about that!!!
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  Thoughts on Issue 62 Old Bay 1. The Rueben hush p...
Those hush puppies look amazing! Gotta have those SOON!

I love fish tacos - may have to try those too! Of course if I can make them at home there goes my excuse to go to Elephant Bar!

Haven't perused the rest of it that closely yet - but will soon.
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  Thoughts on Issue 62 Old Bay 1. The Rueben hush p...
I like this issue better than the last one. I am planning to make the citrus chicken tonight and the brisket this weekend. The blackened ham steaks look mighty good too...and I'm not a huge fan of ham, so that's saying something. Oh, and I plan to make the spicy breakfast hash with the leftover brisket...I bought two to make sure that there would be leftovers. lol...I sure hope we like it!

Fish tacos...I was a bit surprised to see them in there considering that they did fish tacos already in issue 37 and in Weeknight Menus. I love fish tacos and all, but that seems excessive. All three are fried too...I think if they had to do them again, maybe they should've tried a griled version for a little something different. Just my opinion...

  Re: Thoughts on Issue 62 TwilightKitten I like this issue be...

I like this issue better than the last one.

The last issue was my all-time least favorite. This issue I'm going to be doing the brisket (in a couple of weeks) and plan on having enough leftovers for the hush puppies and the hash. Several others, including the roulade, also look interesting.

  Re: Thoughts on Issue 62 Ron [blockquote]Quote:[h...
I agree with Ron, last issue wasn't real impressive, but I do like this one.

Jean, the fish tacos are similar to the one in Weeknight Menus, with some variations like dipping the fish in a light batter with Tabasco added, then into panko. And the slaw is more interesting, slightly sweet and hot with apple and carrot added. It sounds very good and I'll post it if anyone wants it.


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Thoughts on Issue 62

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