I think someone(s) already reviewed this one - but I made it last night and it was very good. It is from the current issue #64 August 2007.

At first I wasn't going to make the whole meal, just the Peach Chutney and the turkey, but decide to make the whole thing - so a trip to the store later to get the remaining ingredients...

Tandoori Turkey Tenderloin with peach-ginger chutney and cucumber-mint raita. I think I made it as written - which is almost unheard of for me...The only exception, I couldn't find a frozen pizza crust at my local Safeway - So I used pillsbury in the refrigerator can. Thought it might not be very good - but every bit of the dinner was great! Steve, my husband, really liked it all too. We will definately make again and might even use frozen peaches in the winter time.

It is worth trying out.
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Thanks for the review, Erin, I've been thinking about doing this for my parents, give them a new taste of things, so to speak.

On the list!


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Yes, thanks Erin, this one is on my list as well. Glad you enjoyed it.


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I attached the last review to the recipe, but didn't add the name of who made it... Whoever it was, didn't care for the chutney and did not make the raita - glad you did the whole thing. I've been wanting to make it also.

I'm home now, so can do more cooking!!! yeah!
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I actually did the review on it. We love the turkey but prefer true Indian chutney (but that is just us) We also used the refrigerated dough and it is the same as the frozen. I have since made it with the riata and it is very good. On a side note this does not work as well with chicken breasts because the turkey tends to be a bit larger it is better with the stranger flavors.

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I made this for dinner last night, however I only made the turkey and chutney. We both loved the turkey, the chutney was okay, but not great, IMHO. However, I should note that we don't have much experience with chutney. I've only ever made it one other time and that was the pear chutney that we had with the pan-seared duck breast. That one was much better.

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Review: Grilled Tandoori Turkey Tenderloin

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