Tuesday night I made the Falafel Meatballs Wraps. Boy were they yummy! I especially loved the tzatziki sauce. (My husband calls it lebon , he is of Greek and Syrian descent.)

I was a little disappointed at first with the meatballs. I tried one straight from the pan and it didn't taste that different from my Italian meatballs. But once I put it on the gyro bread (I bought the wrong type of lettuce! ) with the sauce, it was really good! Tastes very much like a gyro. The kids even ate it!

Next time I would do one thing differently. I didn't skewer the meatballs because they were way too soft to stay on the skewers.So, I would bake the meatballs in the oven. Less spattering = less mess to clean up. And the only other thing I would do is get pita or lavash bread to serve it with/in.
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  Recipe review, another one for Weeknight Meals II mlucas1 Tuesday night I made...
oh my, this one has been on my wish list!!! thanks for the hints also.
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Recipe review, another one for Weeknight Meals II

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