Well, Friday started out like any other early day, up at 3:30, out the door at 5:15. Traffic was a little lighter than normal, thinking, this is good. The road I travel is long and winding and hilly, with lots of trees blocking out the moon, no street lights. I saw a deer cross , slowed down , no problem, than another one bolted out of the dark woods. I couldn't stop quickly enough, I hit him. What a horrible feeling. I pulled over, guess what, cell dead, managed to charge it up enough to call Mike, he called the police. (Law here)

I knew enough not to go back and check him out. So I sat there in my van for 10 min at 5:30AM, waiting for those blue lights. Finally they came, along with a couple of ambulances for company (new joke at work, one for me, one for the deer) I was fine, just shaken up.

I had to be at work at 6AM today, too, and it was almost terrifying for me to drive there. No other way, really, and I do need to learn to deal with this.

It all happened so fast. Things can change so fast. I'm not sure what happened to the deer, I didn't look and they didn't tell me.

I feel terrible, and I know it's not my fault, I was going 5 MPH under the speed limit, but I still feel terrible. And afraid it might happen again.

This road is frequented with joggers and bicyclists during warmer weather, so I always keep my eyes wide open for them. Then again, they never leap in front of me, either.

Sorry to be a downer, just need to let go of this. Now to deal with getting the van fixed but that was the last thing on my mind.

Thanks for listening.


  Unsettling Friday pjcooks Well, Friday started...
Back when we were moving from central NJ to the NJ shore, my dad would drive back and forth, usually getting back late at night. One night, he was much later than usual, but he finally got back - obviously shaken up.

While driving through the Pine Barrens, he had had a VERY close encounter with a deer. The thing is: the deer in NJ are relatively large, especially in contrast to the tiny things they call deer in FL, that look more like fawns. In addition, his car was an MG Midget! Thus, his car went UNDER the deer, leaving one hoof mark on the right-rear, and knocking out the driver's-side headlight. The deer ran away, but for my dad, it was like going through a VERY low, narrow bridge!
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This is the season, PJ - there are articles in the paper every year about this time re rutting deer. Some of the roads around here we have to just crawl thru this time of year.
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Oh PJ---I cannot imagine how you feel but I remember those times when the deer would pop out of nowhere on those NH highways, or back roads---scarey!!!!! We used to hear the stories of how the deer would jump on top of the car and the leg would go through the roof injuring, sometimes killing, the driver/passenger.

Thank goodness you are okay (physically)---work will distract you for a while......my word, up at 3:30 a.m.??? Now that's a NIGHTMARE!!!!
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There are many horror stories about deer. We were on our way back from California one time and came around a corner [luckily it was a sharp one and everyone was going slow] to see a bunch of cars stopped and a deer struggling to get up. Everyone was just standing there, Fredia grabbed her knife, ran over and slit the deer's throat, got back into the motorhome, washed up and drove off. I told her that was a dangerous thing to do and she just said, I couldn't stand to see it suffer."
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  Unsettling Friday pjcooks Well, Friday started...
In my 36 years in insurance I have had a couple of claims when the driver stopped completely and the deer tried to jump over the car and went thru the windshield--thats why it's not at fault-the most unpredictable auto loss I had was a man driving down a country road at 55 mph when a limb broke on a tree over him and crushed his roof--he was shaken but unhurt--deer are beautiful but innocent and unpredictable. The game warden typically will take it to a butcher and the meat will be donated to a public kitchen if not spoiled, at least around me thats what is done. Don't load yourself with blame. I've run into two myself--a cow is worse, sometime they destroy your car and slowly get up and walk away.
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I forgot to say - I'm so glad you're o.k. PJ!!
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I'm glad you are ok! I'm sure it was unsettling.

I grew up on Long Island and there were plenty of deer and my dad was always on the lookout for them too.

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Aw, pj, I'm glad you're ok. It's hard not to feel very sorry about it, they are such beautiful creatures. Here too, they are everywhere, all the time. Sending hugs, hope you can get over it soon.
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Glad to hear you're ok, PJ. On the 5 o'clock news they were saying that the most dangerous thing on the roads this time of year is....deer and moose! In Ontario this time of year, one is killed every 38 minutes. The pictures of the cars were quite incredible.
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Unsettling Friday

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