I love to cook! I love to bake! I get really excited around the holidays and I love having big gatherings at my house. The more people the better!

My Pie crust has always been a complete disaster! It always sticks to the rolling pin and counter and when I try to use more flour to counter that it becomes brittle.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good pie crust. I would love to make my own apple pie this year!

Happy Holiday's

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Hi AJ - I don't think I've welcomed you to the forums, so Welcome!! I'm a cook not a pastry chef or baker, so I'll leave the answers to these 'special' folks that can help you.
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Hi AJ and welcome to the forum! Hope you will be joining us often.

As for the pie crust.....I WISH I could make pie crust like my mom used to when I was a kid. It was so light and flaky, perfect every time. But, no matter how many times I try, I just don't get it right. So, I use the kind in the dairy case. It's a cinch.

Our forum pastry chef will be along later and I'm sure she can give you some great tips.


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" Our forum pastry chef will be along later and I'm sure she can give you some great tips. "

I'm here! I'm here!!! Just joking, I'm no good at making pastry either, but I did bring Musicmaker's recipe to the top for you. Welcome to the boards!
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Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and advice! Looks like I will be making the hubby a practice pie before thanksgiving to give it a dry run.

I look forward to reporting back some success at long last!

Best regards,
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WELCOME from me too, AJ!!!! Hope you come along to visit us frequently!!! New ideas and opinions/questions are most welcomed for us that have no clue!!!!

My recipe for pie dough---works beautifully every time---

2 cups flour
2/3 cups butter/shortening
1/2 tsp salt
3-4 TBS ice water

for sweet I add 2 tsps sugar

Combine flour with salt and then add butter/shortening and cut in until small pieces (about small pea size). Make a well and add an egg yolk, sugar and water--start on the lower measure with the water because it is easier to add than substract

This recipe has served me well over the years--nice and flakey and oh so light.

Once the dough has been put together, place in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (gives the dough a chance to develop gluten which holds all together!!)

When ready to roll out--use a light dusting of flour!! This is an awesome dough from Grand Diplome that I have used for YEARS!!!

Makes enough for a double crusted pie.

And NOOOOO---I am NOT 'the' pastry chef here but this is my favorite!!

Hope to see you again!!!
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Hi, AJ, and welcome to the forum! A lot of sharing goes on here...questions, answers, comments...join us when you can.

Thanks, Lorraine, for pulling my recipe up...you saved me some time as I was searching for it probably just as you were bringing it forward!!!

Also have a "tutorial" on pastry making ("Pie Crust 101" is the title!) from when I was teaching but it will not post here, probably because of the diagrams???? (I'm not even computer "challenged" so have no idea why!) If anyone is intested in it, PM your email address to me (for privacy) and will send it over to you.
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Pie Crust 101

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